Connecting to DBs in Owl Web


If you're an existing customer, please see the upgrade section.

Linux Install

  1. Download Release Version

  2. Untar zip file

  3. Run

Pre-req - Must have Java 8 installed on the machine

wget <https://download_link>
tar -xvf <package.tar>
./ -port=9000 -owlbase=<install_path> -options=owlagent,owlweb,spark,postgres,zeppelin

Set license

./<install_path>/bin/ setlic=<lic>

Install requires Java 8. Common install path as /opt/owl/. Default port 9000, must not be in-use by another system. Make sure you can chmod and own the install dir. License key comes from OwlDQ.

Setup Options

usage () {
echo "Usage: $0 [OPTION]..."
echo "Owl installation script"
echo ""
echo " -non-interactive skip asking to accept JAVA license agreement"
echo " -skipSpark skips the extraction of spark components"
echo " -skipPostgres skips the asking for the setup of postgres details"
echo " -stop do not automatically start up all components (orient,owl-web)"
echo " -port= set owlweb applicationt to use defined port"
echo " -user= set the postgres user"
echo " -owlbase= set base path to where you want owl installed"
echo " -owlpackage= set owl package directory"
echo " -help display this help and exit"
echo " -options= the different owl components to install (comma separated list)"
echo " example: owlagent,owlweb,zeppelin,orient,spark,postgres"
echo " -pgpassword= password for the postgres metastore "
echo " -pgserver= name of the postgres server example ="
echo ""
echo ""
echo "example:"
echo " ./ -port=9000 -user=ec2-user -owlbase=/home/ec2-user -owlpackage=/home/ec2-user/packages"

Docker Install

Reach out to OwlDQ team for docker file. DockerHub coming soon.

Configuration Options



default value


install path



web app port


EXPORT owlbase = /opt/owl/
EXPORT port = 9000


  1. Download Release Version

  2. Untar Zip file

  3. Move Owl-*.jar files into install directory

  4. Restart webapp

wget <https://download_link>
tar -xvf <package.tar>
mv owl-*.jar / <install_path>/bin
/<install_path>/bin/ start=owlweb