Automatically Profile

Owl automatically profiles datasets over time to enable drill-in for detailed insights an automated data quality. A profile is just the first step towards an amazing amount of auto discovery. Visualize segments of the dataset and how how the dataset is changing over time.

Dataset Profile

Owl creates a detailed profile of each dataset under management. This profile will later be used to both provide insight and automatically identify data quality issues.

Profile Insights

By gathering a variety of different statistics, Owl's profile can provide a great deal of insight about the dataset.

Profile includes a range of statistics

  • Actual Datatype

  • Discovered Datatypes

  • Percent Null

  • Percent Empty

  • Percent Mixed Types

  • Cardinality

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

  • Mean

  • TopN / BottomN

  • Value Quartiles

Correlation Matrix

Discover hidden relationships and measure the strength of those relationships.


Often the first step in a data science project is to segment the data. Owl automatically does this using histograms.

Data Preview

After profiling the data, for those users with appropriate rights, Owl provides a glimpse of the dataset. The Data preview tab also provides a some basic insights such as highlights of Data Shape issues and Outliers (if enabled), and Column Filtergram visualization.