Job Server

Owl Restful job server

Curl Example

curl -X POST --data '
"file": "/opt/owl/bin/owl-core-trunk-jar-with-dependencies.jar",
"className": "com.owl.core.cli.Catalog",
["-cxn", "-databases", "public", "-driver", "org.postgresql.Driver", "-lib", "/opt/owl/drivers/postgres42/"]
-H "Content-Type: application/json" localhost:8998/batches

Owl Job Dashboard

Configure Multiple Clusters/Agents Per Tenant

Each tenant of Owl can connect and push processing to 1 or more clusters. Owl is capable of pushing workloads to any of the registered environments (Agents) that it knows about.

Add an Agent/Cluster to a Tenant

Owl Scheduler - Built In

A quick way to schedule jobs is to use Owl's one click scheduler.