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Reference Checks


Reference Dataset:

Step 1. Define a column to track in a reference dataset using -record and column name

-ds reference_dataset,
-rd "2019-07-15" \
-q "select product_type from products" \
-lib "/opt/owl/drivers/postgres/" \
-cxn postgres \
-record "product_types"

Step 2. Define the relationship you want to check against the reference dataset

-ds "ds1" \
-rd "2018-09-26" \
-q "select * from lake.orders" \
-lib "/opt/owl/drivers/" \
-cxn mysql \
-notin "ds1&type=reference_dataset&product_types"


-notin ds1&type=reference_dataset&product_types

This will check if any values from dataset 1 (ds1) & column 1 (type) are not in the reference dataset (reference_dataset) column (product_types).

The command is two parts: dataset1&column1=dataset2&column2

The inverse can be applied to check if a value is in a column by using -in instead of -notin

This is applied when there are many reference sets and several combinations for a given dataset.