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Behavioral Dimension


-ds "dataset_behavioral_dimension" \
-rd "2019-07-15" \
-d "," \
-f "/Users/brian/Documents/synthetic3.csv" \
-bd "labcode"

Track the counts for distinct columns or relationships for behavioral analytics on individual column components

-bd "labcode"

Go beyond just tracking distinct values per the entire column.

For example, if you had a column (or multiple columns) that typically contained 5 values and each of those values typically represented 20% of the column.

ColumnA a -> 20 b -> 20 c -> 20 d -> 20 e -> 20

Consider the row count remained 100 and the total distinct values remained 5, but suddenly the proportion of a given value changed drastically.

ColumnA a -> 1 b -> 39 c -> 20 d -> 20 e -> 20

Behavioral dimension would flag that ColumnA value a is represented much less than normal and value b is represented much more than normal.